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Your level of success will be in proportion to your level of service.
It costs you nothing to thank a customer, but failing to can cost you a fortune.
Never, ever forget to thank people. Failing to express gratitude is no better than being ungrateful.
You’ll never be happy while being selfish, or be unhappy while being generous.
Raises are earned, not given.
If you can’t be as enthusiastic about seeing your customers as your dog is to see you, you're in the wrong business.
Real character is being respectful to people you'd rather strangle.
You have to choose between the size of your bank account and your ego. The larger one is, the smaller the other will be.
No one can be great at everything, but everyone can be great at something.
You'll never be successful or happy if you make decisions based on what others will think of you, instead of what you'll think of yourself.
Success doesn't require always getting things just right, but it does require always getting things done.
The two most underused words in the English language are Thank You. They’re also two of the most powerful.

Your  quality of life will always be in direct proportion to the quality of people you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.


The only thing better than succeeding in spite of your critics is succeeding because of them.


Successful people have just as many challenges as unsuccessful people. They just don't let those challenges define them.


Managers don't fire employees, employees fire themselves. 


Good managers cannot be enablers of bad behavior. 


The morale of the entire organization is more important than any one person within it.


Consistency is the most important component of success.


No matter how much technology advances, no machine will ever match the incredible power of the human spirit. 


Great team leaders attract great team players.


Don't burn bridges. The person you throw under the bus today could be the one driving it tomorrow.


Being good at what you do only makes you a good worker. To be a good employee, you must be good at what you do and work well with others.


The only thing that never changes is that change itself is inevitable.


The applicant that gets the job isn't the one who did everything expected of them at their last job. It's the one who did more.


To keep a job you really do like, sometimes you have to work with people you really don’t.


A positive attitude won't make your problems go away, but it will make them surmountable.


Any time you exceed a customer’s expectations, you both win.


Anyone that claims money can't buy happiness has never given any away.


No matter how obvious it may seem in hindsight, no major decision was ever made without at least a little fear.


The greatest right Americans have is the right to vote. It’s also our greatest obligation.


Winners aren’t victorious because they never lose. They’re victorious because they never give up.

We say Christmas, not Xmas, because it wasn't X that died on the cross.
Life doesn't reward you for staying busy, it rewards you for staying productive.
People with self respect don’t treat others with disrespect.

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